Real Estate

Dean Dorton’s Real Estate Team

Dean Dorton serves a variety of clients in the real estate industry, including commercial, residential and industrial property developers, owners/investors, managers, agents and brokers. Properties include residential homes, apartment buildings, condominium and town home communities, golf course communities, shopping centers, parking facilities, offices and commercial buildings.

Our dedicated real estate industry team consists of over 15 professionals who specialize in serving those in the real estate industry. Aside from traditional accounting, auditing, and tax services our team offers years of industry-specific knowledge, designed to help you increase your profitability and reduce your operating costs in order to achieve your goals.

Our real estate team  stays up-to-date with the latest industry trends and tax credits, allowing you to do what matters most to you, knowing your financial plan is in order. We work with other service providers in the industry and our background provides clients “one-stop shopping” with their business formations, estate, tax, and real estate issues.

Dean Dorton’s Real Estate Industry Services

We understand the unique transactions and tax planning opportunities available for the real estate industry.  Our team provides a variety of services to the industry ranging from accounting services, tax compliance, and tax preparation services to in-depth sales transactions, tax-free exchanges, estate planning, and cost segregation services.  Among our services are: