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Few things are more important to business owners than the value of their business

What is the value of your business?

At Dean Dorton, we have a dedicated team of business valuation advisors specializing in business valuation services ready to serve you. Our valuation practice is built upon the expertise and experience of our people, the quality and thoroughness of our analyses, the breadth and depth of our resources, and our ability to effectively explain (and defend, when necessary) our valuation analyses and related conclusions.

Few things are more important to business owners than the value of their business, yet it is often difficult to know how much a business (or business interest) is worth. Though business valuation requires an in-depth understanding of various financial principles and the proper application of related techniques, valuation is not an exact science. Valuation is a discipline that combines knowledge and various financial computations with experience and professional judgment to arrive at a reasonable result. Accordingly, it is imperative that business owners and their advisors engage well-qualified valuation analysts who possess significant business experience to assist them with their valuation needs.

Our business valuation experience

We have performed business valuations for a wide variety of purposes, including but not limited to:

Our valuation team has performed hundreds of valuations in a wide range of industries, including but not limited to:

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