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How will you meet your mission?

Tailored services to meet your nonprofit’s needs

Nonprofit leaders are people who are committed, determined, care about others, and are inspiring leaders in our community, but are facing various many challenges as the needs of our communities continue to grow. Do you know where your next biggest funding source is coming from or what month you have the most expenses related to your staff? Have you thought about reducing the manual effort around closing your books each month by eliminating manual spreadsheet work and data re-entry so your staff can focus on your mission? Have you automated your reporting process helps you streamline processes and maximizes your organization’s impact?

Nonprofits must understand what’s working—and what’s not working—from an organizational perspective, not just the financial metrics. If something’s not working and meeting mission goals, you need the deeper insights to understand why, and you need this insight in real-time so you can make changes.

We bring years of expertise of serving nonprofit organizations and governmental entities, from small local nonprofits to large nonprofit organizations and worldwide foundations helping them achieve success.

  • Foundations

  • Professional trade associations

  • Charitable organizations and agencies

  • Educational institutions

  • Religious organizations

  • Membership organizations

  • Cultural organizations

  • Research and scientific organizations

  • 501(c) organizations with revenues as large as $500,000,000

  • Quasi-governmental entities with revenues as large as $130,000,000

Nonprofit and Governmental Industry Services

We offer a full range of accounting and consulting services for nonprofit and governmental organizations and related entities, all delivered with the highest standards of independence and integrity. Our nonprofit industry team is designed to pro-actively collaborate with you about your long-term financial and strategic goals, and includes the following specialized services:

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