Whether your company intends to buy or build properties, time is of the essence. Taking advantage of the red hot real estate market that exists across the country means satisfying demand before a rival company can or before the situation takes a downturn. That leaves a short window to reap what promises to be massive rewards.

Unfortunately, acting fast isn’t easy. Onboarding new people can be a slow, laborious, and error-prone process. And with the construction industry facing a labor shortage of 650,000 workers, there needs to be a lot of onboarding completed as quickly as possible. The same goes for bringing new properties online. Finding tenants, completing paperwork, and checking every box takes no small amount of time and input. And if the process isn’t efficient for all involved, it could lead to vacant properties or depressed rents.

Improving onboarding while simultaneously dealing with booming demand sounds like a tall order. And it certainly is for construction and real estate companies without the right tools at their disposal. For those with Sage Intacct, however, the opportunities are endless.

Integration + Automation = Optimal Onboarding

Every company onboards people and properties differently, but the process suffers from the same problems everywhere: disconnected information sources, paper-based processes, manual inputs, and time-consuming redundancies. These problems might have been acceptable or seemed inevitable in the past. But that’s not the case anymore.

An optimal onboarding process moves quickly and systematically through each step, doing everything required without delays, errors, or confusion at any point. Meeting that high standard requires a single source of truth that integrates all the associated data. Once that comprehensive information resource exists, automation can complete complex and time-consuming processes since it has all the information it needs in one place.

That doesn’t mean onboarding runs on autopilot. Instead, it means that hiring and property managers can focus on high-level responsibilities while technology streamlines and accelerates everything else. The result is an optimal onboarding process where both new hires and new properties have a positive impact in less time.

Sage Intacct: More Than Just an Onboarding Tool

Sage Intacct is a leading financial management platform that integrates huge amounts of data (financial and otherwise) in one location, then unleashes automation to do incredible things with that data.

All the different ways that Sage Intacct elevates onboarding would take a much longer article to describe. But imagine if those involved with onboarding always had the right data at their disposal, anywhere at any time, and never had to move, modify, or manage that data to advance the onboarding process forward. It’s like starting at the finish line instead of racing to get there. That way, onboarding never feels like an obstacle and never stands in the way of present or future opportunities.

Sage Intacct optimizes onboarding along with countless other important processes related to accounting, finance, operations, and more. No wonder it’s a leading solution for the construction and real estate industries.

Dean Dorton can help you implement Sage Intacct and use it to the fullest – for onboarding and everything else. Contact us to set up a demo or consultation.

Philip Massey,
Software Services Director
pmassey@ddaftech.com • 919.796.5408