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Start Using Cloud Technology for Real Estate

Start Using Cloud Technology for Real Estate

By: Dean Dorton | January 12, 2022

Tomorrow’s real estate industry runs on the cloud. And today’s top competitors are already there. Consider a migration before it’s too late to matter.

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Cloud Technology for Real Estate: Remain Relevant, Stay Competitive

Statistic after statistic shows businesses flocking to the cloud in huge numbers, especially after the pandemic. They’re looking for software that facilitates remote work, along with new tools and insights to help navigate these uncertain times. Most people see the cloud as the future – and the real estate industry needs to catch up.

It’s no surprise that everyone from property developers to real estate investors to agents and brokers has been slow to embrace new technology. They’ve been historically slow to adopt technology in an industry where networks, relationships, and deal-making still dominate. The human aspect of real estate has always trumped the tech side…until now.

The Cloud-Based Future of Real Estate

It only makes sense that an industry that works out of multiple locations that change all the time could benefit from a technology that offers anywhere, anytime access. The cloud offers the mobility that real estate has always needed – and that’s just one advantage.

Real estate is also becoming more data-driven, fast-paced, and fine-tuned than in a previous era. Remaining competitive in any facet of the industry depends on making the right moves without unnecessary delays. That takes data, and tools to make sense of that data. New programs deliver both in an accessible format that can undergo regular updates and improvements to meet the evolving needs of users. Unlike the alternatives, cloud technologies are as agile as the real estate industry itself.

The future of real estate has arguably arrived already. The enthusiasm for solutions like Sage Intacct Construction suggests as much. In addition to being an all-encompassing business and financial management solution tailored to the specific needs of real estate, it’s the only native-cloud solution to serve this vertical. Developers and contractors who want to embrace the cloud can feel confident they’re getting a robust, future-ready solution in Sage Intacct Construction.

Having decided it’s time to upgrade, the question becomes how?

Cloud Migration Made Simple

Cloud migration can seem intimidating when it involves sensitive financial data and critical accounting responsibilities. The time and technical expertise required can also give people pause. The good news is that migration has become much simpler with time – and there are partners who can make cloud technology accessible to all.

Partners can be an incredible asset provided the right team is onboard. They should offer access to the leading cloud solutions available – like Sage Intacct Construction. They should also have experience working with real-estate clients, the more the better. Plenty of service providers offer to help with cloud migration, but it takes industry-specific expertise to ensure the migration (and what follows) works as everyone intends.

Dean Dorton has a 15-person team specializing in real estate accounting, taxes, and technology. Decades of combined experience ensures our clients get the in-depth insights and insider perspectives they seek – on migration specifically or real estate excellence more generally. Contact Dean Dorton to explore all the solutions we have to offer.

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