It happens fast. Business is cruising along smoothly and then seemingly overnight, your financial systems that once worked for you, now work against you – and they are eating up time, resources, and your team’s sanity, just to handle the everyday details, like recording, reporting, and tracking.

For fitness franchises that have quick growth and multiple locations, on-premises financial software just doesn’t work efficiently. This is a common problem we see when these types of businesses meet great success, and as a result, begin to outgrow their current financial structure.

  • Closing books at the end of the month takes away from sales growth.
  • Inter-entity transactions become labored and prone to error.
  • New entity set-up pulls time away from other financial activities that need to happen right now.
  • Waiting for reports and sales numbers prevents managers from having the information they need, when they need it to make decisions for multiple locations.
  • Audits are slower to complete.

Ultimately, the time that should be devoted to current and future clients becomes consumed by the laundry list of more complex financial tasks that crop up with company growth.

Strengthen Your Financials with the Cloud

When fast-growth franchises step away from on-premises software’s limited capabilities and begin working with the cloud, they see amazing results:

  • Accounting teams close the books faster at the end of the month, freeing them to do more with their time.
  • Critical details show up in real-time, for deeper financial analysis, whenever and wherever you go.
  • Multi-location consolidations happen with the click of a button.
  • Customized permissions options travel across locations to allow for targeted visibility, and limited access to authorized users.
  • Your team can boost company growth faster by having the tools they need, when they need them.

Intacct offers a best-in-class cloud accounting solution that unifies data across locations, streamlines consolidations to free up  time, and delivers unique reporting and dashboard solutions showing the customized details you need to adequately track your business metrics and keep up with your company’s growth.

From multiple charts of accounts to inter-entity transactions, Intacct is designed to accommodate needs particular to franchises that streamline new entity processes like bank account set-ups, and centralize common time-consuming activities like payables and receivables. Vendor billing, tax reporting, consolidating and closing books become a faster process with greater accuracy and customization.

These solutions provide more speed and efficiency to the key areas that absorb the most time for franchises.

Whether your company is local or global, with simple or complex financial set-ups, cloud flexibility means you can customize, streamline and travel, to keep business moving in every location, around the clock.

Contact us to find out how our results-driven team can help yours get the most effective solutions for your franchise’s growth and efficiency.