The Cloud has revolutionized how companies are able to use their ERP solution to grow their business versus just managing their finances.
This article will talk about the benefits of cloud computing that are causing tens of thousands of businesses each year to leave archaic legacy accounting systems behind.  The best, of course, is being able to make it home in time to enjoy a margarita on Cinco de Mayo. But here are four additional reasons to move from legacy software that were shared by our own Microsoft Dynamics GP customers (customers that we’ve helped move to Intacct).

Cloud-Based– The top reason our customers moved from an on-premise ERP solution to Intacct was to leverage cloud technology. The cloud gives them access to their accounting solution from any location. Since Intacct is easily accessed through your web browser, a CFO can review their custom dashboards or reports no matter where they are. Because Intacct is cloud-based, Its quarterly upgrades are done behind the scenes, with no disruption to users and at no additional cost. With updates every quarter, Intacct is consistently the best-in-class option. This also allows you to work with your consulting firm of choice since they can access your accounting ERP solution, with your permission, straight from their office no matter where they are located!

Dimensions– Intacct dimensional reporting is an altogether new way to track and report on financial and operational data while simplifying your chart of accounts.  Dimensions will give you quick access to the up-to-date insights that allow for instantaneous decision-making and help drive growth.  With Dimensions, you’ll have the flexibility to set up reporting in numerous ways to drill down into a company’s data. 

“Creating one GL account and using dimensions to split out the reporting requirements was an administrator’s dream!”- CFO who switched from Dynamics GP to Intacct.

Reporting– Intacct’s reporting capabilities are the best among ERP solutions in the industry.  Not only are the reports in-depth and customized to what is important to your business.  Easy to configure and generate, you won’t be using stale, weeks old data to inform your decisions. You’ll have the most up-to-date information and clearer insight.  Intacct integration capabilities makes it easy to pull in data from different entities and sources to give you an even more complete view of your business.

Dashboards– Intacct offers customizable dashboards that are specific to the people on your team.  You can see what’s important to you and they can see the key data and reports around their areas of responsibilities. Dashboard gives you real-time status of key performance metrics. You can click down on hyperlinked figure to see the transactions behind the totals – gaining granular visibility into what’s driving your company’s performance.  Dashboards offer an easy way to get a quick glance at key measurements and metrics that CFOs, CEOs, and Controllers need to run a company.

All of these benefits add up to tremendous time savings.  The cloud will help you streamline processes and eliminate cumbersome manual steps.  And, it might even mean you can leave the office in time to enjoy a Happy Hour margarita!