1. Make sure you are using all the Modules that come with your core purchase of Intacct

Most customers are using GL, AP, and AR, but there is so much more that in your core subscription. For instance, Purchasing, Time and Expenses, Order Entry, Cash Management, prepaid, and Collaborate.

2. Utilize CSV uploads or the API wherever possible

Any manual entries more than few lines or mass entries should be either uploaded or if they come from another system, they should be integrated so that those entries are automated.

3. Check after every release to see that you have permissions to “all” in every module if you are an administrator.

Why? New features or enhancements may have their own permissions and are not automatically given to administrators.

4. Consider subscribing to a sandbox copy of Intacct.

You should seriously think about getting one. Talk to your account manager or channel executive. You can add modules, play with configurations and features using a copy of your actual company. Then you can have it updated 4 times a year so you never have to worry about messing up your production environment.

5. Take time to familiarize yourself with the configuration of all the modules that you have.

Roll your mouse over the tab, click “Open Setup” along the bottom, and then at the top right of the window click on the “configure” link. Then to learn all about each choice in the configuration roll your mouse over the “Help” at the top right by your login name and then click on “help on this page”. You will be able to read all about the module configuration.

6. Consider storing operational data in Intacct

This means using statistical accounts to keep track of all non-financial tracking that you do in Excel or other places currently. Even one as simple as headcount or customer count can be done in Intacct, and it can be automated. Then you can use this for budgeting and report with your financial reporting. For instance, you could see the average revenue per employee, average expense per employee or sales cost average per customer.

7. Does your company utilize reporting and dashboards?

If you have not taken all the classes we have to offer for reporting then you should sign up today. The ROI is tremendous. Having the right reporting in real time is one of the best features of Intacct. Making dashboards for yourself, executives, team members, and so on will save you time in the long run.