Massey Consulting co-hosted this year’s Intacct Meetup in Raleigh, North Carolina. We were excited to help bring this event to Raleigh as it highlights one of the best benefits of purchasing Intacct which is their Community. The Community is the single source of truth for Intacct users to find answers and also provide answers to other users.

An Intacct Meetup is one of the many benefits of the community. Meetups are done throughout the country during the year so that local Intacct users can get together to network, and learn more about how Intacct is constantly updating their ERP solution.

In this particular meetup, the attendees learned about the upcoming update, listened to a fireside chat with a local CFO that uses Intacct and had the chance for additional training sessions on specific topics. The meetup was open for all attendees to ask questions throughout the presentations which allowed everyone to learn from one another.

The open format allows for users to grow their local community and find people that they can connect with who have similar situations or modules.

Since the goal of the meetup is about learning from other users, we had a “fireside chat” with one of our GP switcher customers, Jay Huffman from Legacy Healthcare. He shared the reasons behind his decision to move from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Intacct. Huffman explained how Intacct has changed their accounting department and helped Legacy Healthcare grow at a rate of 20-25% a year. Since Legacy Healthcare offers multiple services at multiple locations, Intacct’s strength in addressing multi-entity, multi-location accounting concerns allows for robust reporting that is up-to-date for CFOs like Jay Huffman. And, because Intacct is cloud-based, Jay can access the data anytime, anywhere.

Intacct’s delivers a best-in-class solution for cloud-based accounting. Taking advantage of the cloud, Intacct partners with other publishers providing complimentary solutions (Nexonia, Avalara, Avidxchange, WorkforceGo,, etc.) which are also best-in-class – bringing together a solution that is top quality for their customers.

The meetups allow customers to meet with the teams of local marketplace companies and see if there are additional solutions that have an integration into Intacct that would help drive even more success in their business operations! Jay Huffman discussed how the addition of Nexonia, an expense solution with seamless integration into Intacct, was “life-changing” for their company. Other companies that were also present were Avalara, Avidxchange, and Workforce Go.

At the end of the meetup, Massey Consulting was able to offer two additional learning sessions on Dashboards and Chatter. The session’s topics were chosen based on the questions customers frequently ask our consultants. This was a way to explain these features and make it free to our customers to learn.

The sessions highlighted free features from Intacct that can help users get the most out of their ERP solution. Dashboards, when used, can revolutionize how a company can have up-to-date and personalized information at their fingertips. Philip Massey, the founder of Massey Consulting, demonstrated the steps to set up Dashboards and how Dashboards combined with best practices can inform decisions and speed up reaction time.

The second training class on Chatter was taught by Jim Stubanas, Massey Consulting Senior Consultant. This is a free feature that allows for conversations to happen within Intacct. These conversations are recorded and accessible during an audit.

Overall, the Intacct meetup is a crucial part of getting the most out of the community as an Intacct user. The goal is to make a community that enables everyone to be an expert at their accounting solution!