Medical centers and integrated healthcare entities are pressured to accurately develop and manage provider forecasts. Using work relative value units (wRVU) is essential to success. The team at Dean Dorton has designed a tool that pulls the necessary data into one spot, in an accurate usable format, while comparing the overall organizational needs.
Powered by Microsoft Azure, the Dean Dorton Enterprise Revenue Forecast Manager takes historical data and builds a precise wRVU baseline down to the individual provider level. If desired, this can also be derived from Epic scheduling plans to allow seamless practice modeling. Through historical baselines, practice patterns, provider modeling, and incoming and departing provider modeling, accuracy and accountability begins at the provider level and drives outward into associated hospital streams. Baseline information can be pulled from multiple practice management systems if required. 

Caroline Cook, CPA, Business Analytics Manager, VCU Health

“The Enterprise Revenue Forecast Manager has empowered VCU Health to more accurately create provider and department level forecasts. The ability to adjust at the local level for anticipated change in provider practice, provider expectations and the ability to model incoming providers using existing provider metrics results in a more precise budgeting process.” 

Judy Nichols, Director of Data Analytics & Collaboration, Dean Dorton

“Our team takes pride in problem solving and finding solutions for business issues and ultimately helping clients find the best approach in which to move forward rather than forcing them into a one size fits all scenario. We have a deep understanding and experience with integrated portal solutions, workflow automation, data and analysis, and custom development solutions, which is what led us to the Enterprise Revenue Forecast Manager. This is only the beginning of what this tool and our team will have to offer.” 

As an experienced Microsoft Gold partner, Dean Dorton leverages the latest Microsoft technologies and has experts working in this space for more than 15 years and, in many cases, is the trusted “go-to” partner for the Microsoft teams they work with most closely, particularly in the Healthcare space.  

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