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The age of data is rapidly changing the way people do business and Dean Dorton’s team of data scientists, data architects, design specialists, and engineers bring expertise to unlock the power of your data while making the most of your technology through collaborative solutions. 

Our approach starts with understanding your unique business processes and the technology you already use, without rushing to a one-size-fits-all solution. We focus on the long-term strategic goals of your organization rather than the quick fix—a “breakpoint.” Derived from software development terminology, a breakpoint is an intentional pause or rest point in which the programmer solves problems and finds solutions. At the breakpoint, business issues are reviewed to help find the best approach in which to move forward. 

Are you drowning in data but not sure what data to use or how to get the data pulled together? Are you making decisions with limited or outdated information? Do you have multiple technology solutions in place but your organization is not using them well together? It’s time for a breakpoint.

Unlock the power of your data through analytics to get an up-to-the-minute view of your business. Pair that power with customized collaboration tools, and suddenly, you’re a step ahead of the rest.

  • Generate more revenue
  • Increase efficiency
  • Make data-centric decisions
  • Better manage risks

Let your full potential take flight. Experience the transformation made possible with real-time business intelligence solutions.

Make Data Your Best Friend

You have more data than you know what to do with and “managing” it isn’t getting you the results you want or need, you need a more rewarding relationship with your data. You need intelligent, custom solutions that harness your data to meet your specific business needs and help you stand out in the crowd.

We believe data can deliver predictive analysis that drives agile business decision making for the fast-paced and always evolving market our clients compete within. For most of us, our relationship with data is reactionary: it’s waiting for the numbers to evaluate our past rather than using them to shape our future.

It’s your chance to thoughtfully refresh and rebuild your data infrastructure into your new business partner, and we can help you get there. Here’s your breakpoint.

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Four Types of Analytics—Working for You

Let us partner with you to better understand the drivers behind your business, the influences on your outcomes, and the data models that will prime successful decision-making. We do this work through four stages of progressive analytics that can help transform your organization into the best version of itself.

Want to try it out? Let’s dive into some data.

Our Partnerships are Golden

We’ve earned the Microsoft Gold Partner designation. While that means Microsoft recognizes our high standard of work, it also means you can trust our expertise and commitment to delivering you our very best.

Collaboration That Actually Works

If you’ve ever added up the amount of time you lose every week searching for information, trying to compile everyone’s versions of a file into one cohesive result, or digging out from under the mountain of emails you’ve received that have little to no relevance to your current workload, we have a support group for you. Ok, maybe not literally, but we do understand your pain. 

Today’s organizations require more effective ways for their teams to work together. Let’s face it, collaboration is likely the most important success factor for any organization – yet the one that gets the least amount of attention and planning. The solution to this modern problem isn’t just throwing more technology at the problem. Instead, it begins with the understanding the business drivers within your organization and developing the strategies for collaboration that set the stage for everyone to succeed. After that, the technology is put in place to support the collaboration needs, in a way that fits the way the people of your organization work and communicate together.

Our approach is to assess your collaboration pain points and to develop an overarching strategy, that understands how your business functions and its key goals. From there, the technology processes begin to emerge that help support an intuitive and effective people-centered process. This can include anything from training, to custom automations to workflow development to system integrations.

Here’s your breakpoint. It’s time to transform your collaboration culture into a key resource for achieving your enterprise goals – driving consistency, process, and even controlling costs. 

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Don’t suffer any longer with your old collaboration models; let us help you.

Discover the difference breakpoint-intentionality can make by learning more about signature products and our approach.

The Enterprise Revenue Forecast Manager is a proprietary cloud-based solution powered by Microsoft Azure to assist academic medical centers in defining historical baselines and producing precise forecasts. See how it works by downloading our technology brief.

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