Dean Dorton, one of the region’s leaders of accounting, audit, tax, technology, cybersecurity, and business consulting services, launched Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Services to help companies reach their sustainability goals and commitments to the future. Public investors have been factoring ESG into investment decisions, and the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently published proposed ESG related rules around cyber security and climate control disclosures. Despite the public focus of ESG, all companies should embrace the benefits of an ESG program.

It is important to act now as in the future it is likely that all companies will be required to have a form of an ESG program. ESG programs may be scaled to the size of the organization. The pressure to implement an ESG program is coming from regulators, investors, rating agencies and general public. Even without strict requirements, the benefits of going through an ESG assessment is worth the effort. Implementing aspects of an ESG program will help improve the viability of any organization, attract/retain employees, and gain new donors/investors.

Bill Kohm, Assurance Director, Dean Dorton

“We are thrilled to offer ESG services to organizations of all sizes throughout the world. We recognize the significant impact ESG factors have on our world and want to help companies uncover the related things they are already doing in regards to social, climate, and non-financial factors that are crucial for their long-term viability and success. Many companies want to be more sustainable but are not sure the road to take to get there and we help them map out a plan based on stakeholders’ goals and their mission, while taking into consideration how they will measure and report on their outcomes in a meaningful manner.”

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