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Budgeting for Collaborative Technology in 2021

Budgeting for Collaborative Technology in 2021

By: Dean Dorton | October 21, 2020

As we count down the days until the end of 2020, many organizations are in the middle of budgeting for their 2021. What technology solutions should you consider budgeting for that will help your business collaborate efficiently in the new normal?

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The budgeting process is an important time to carefully analyze the value new technology solutions can provide while balancing long and short-term cost mitigation with bottom line opportunity costs. The advantages far outweigh the risk or pain of technology upgrades, but only if you take time to understand your options, what suits your business size, industry, and functions best. Working with an experienced partner, like Dean Dorton Technology, provides the expertise to deliver the meaningful insights and recommendations that can help guide well-founded decisions.

Below are our recommended considerations for budgeting for collaborative technology in 2021.

Collaborative Meeting Solutions

Using collaborative meeting solutions for workers in meeting spaces, at their desks or when mobile, with integrated voice, video, messaging and content sharing can increase your efficiency dramatically. Is your chosen collaborative meeting solution working for you? Have you discovered things you like or don’t like? Are you not sure how to fix the problems or how to make your solution function best?

Now is the ideal time to take a look at the functionality of all your systems. Is it easy and effective for team members or customers to use? Do you have access to recordings? Is the quality of audio, visual, and screen sharing up-to-par for your standards? Will your solution integrate seamlessly with your technology inside the office? Will it fit into your budget?

Hybrid Workplace Solutions

While it’s exciting that innovative collaboration experiences are changing the way business is done, your main focus is keeping productivity high. Integrating your technology systems together to provide powerful easy-to-use customer experiences can take your team and your organization to new heights. Consider how artificial intelligence will continue to impact the way you work and lay the foundation for the next-gen workplace. Considerations:

  • Do your current systems allow for a consistent experience no matter where you are?
  • Can you effortlessly move between your virtual and physical worlds?
  • Does your technology allow for suppression of background noises?
  • Are your systems secure through encryption and authentication methods?
  • Are you able to take notes and “whiteboard” out ideas in the meeting spaces and have them saved for access anytime for those on the team?

Questions about benefits/cost analysis, budget, best-in-class tools, average costs, timing, or implementation?

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