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Secrets to gaining visibility into nonprofit financials

Secrets to gaining visibility into nonprofit financials

By: Dean Dorton | October 19, 2020

Nonprofit finance is changing, and nonprofit finance leaders are looking for more in-depth reporting and operational metrics. What is the secret to gaining visibility into your financials?

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Nonprofit finance leaders need to assume a more strategic role in organizational intelligence and planning. To do that, you need better visibility into both financial and operational metrics, so you can make better decisions.

In the Secrets to Gaining Visibility into Nonprofit Financials eBook, we explore the challenges of nonprofit financial reporting, reveal the secrets to gaining the visibility you need to develop winning strategies to advance your mission and discuss how your peers are using the cloud to deliver on growth strategies.

Before, everyone was in the dark, but with Sage Intacct it’s a whole new world.  Department managers can see precisely how they are doing with the click of a button… As a result, people are controlling their costs proactively, the organization’s overall expenses are down, we’re sticking to our budget, and our spend is under control.

Alisa Brill, CFO, Paws Chicago

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