We all know it takes more than just a desire for change that makes a non-profit thrive. So many details go into running a change-making organization. It takes planning, donors, more planning, board members, and these days, it also takes transparency and accountability.

Your supporters can easily donate and drive your cause with a quick click, just as easily as they can demand to know where their money is going. But for supporters to get an accurate picture of how you operate, you need to offer them answers in the form of factual data.

The best way nonprofits can boost their cause is to know, and show, their key metrics.

These metrics, or measures of success, can be either financial or non-financial. Both are equally important, and together they paint the bigger picture illustrating your organization’s effectiveness, or more plainly put, how effective you are in making change happen.

Your key success indicators may not look quite like another nonprofit’s or even like your competitor’s. Your indicators are unique to your organization’s set-up and services.  But how do you know what you should track to tell the most transparent story about your effectiveness?

Strong monitoring and reporting offer the right kind of data that provides crystal clear transparency. This can help your donors see your inner workings through numbers, but it can also help the organization identify key milestones to pave the way to new avenues of financial support.

Sage Intacct – a best-in-class financial management solution gives non-profits the time-saving support they need to grow with their mission:

  • Sage Intacct’s real-time visibility offers data 24/7 to give board members the right data to build effective strategies for building your services, your forecasting, and your funding.
  • Strong automation organizes financial and operational data and gives back your teams’ time, freeing them to tick off more on their to-do lists, while your inventories, billing, reporting and month-end closings reflect more accurate metrics anytime you need them.
  • Global or local, your organization works with a tool that scales with the growing mission, streamlining your processes, and making your organization more sustainable for the long-haul by easily handling complex membership and supporter data and providing strong, accurate data you can show your supporters.
  • Metric dashboards give every one of your key members only the most important outcome metrics from any location in the world to put their best skills to most effective use.

Dig deeper! Sage Intacct offers expert advice: In “Measuring What Matters in the NonProfit World,” you’ll discover what donors look for in transparency and take away formulas for how to identify those key indicators most critical to your nonprofit’s success.

Download “Measuring What Matters in the NonProfit World” to learn powerful business success formulas and to gain a clearer understanding of what success means for your unique non-profit.

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