MSPs and professional services companies that work heavily in project management are constantly juggling complex and detailed tasks.

By sending out bids, multiple ongoing projects to manage, and more in the pipeline, your company needs to work as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.  However, in this environment, team members can easily become overloaded with tasks.

To work smart, you and your teams need the perfect lineup of resources and tools at your company’s disposal to make the most of everyone’s time and effort.

The biggest drain on project management resources comes from searching for information you need to do your job and populating data into multiple disconnected systems.

Project management teams spend countless hours digging up who’s best for the task at hand, inputting key details into CRM, documenting where projects are in the process, or sleuthing out new ways to save on already tight margins.

These tasks create productivity bottlenecking weaknesses and that eats into your budget.

High productivity MSPs and professional services companies that work with subscription models see the most benefit from using project management tools that can automate as many tasks as possible to keep costs within margins.

Sage Intacct, a best-in-class cloud-based financial management solution, helps service-based companies manage the complexities of subscriptions with design features that also support project management. Sage Intacct offers:

Strong integrations with your CRM solutions to see into financial and non-financial data in one place, without having to re-enter it into multiple systems.

Automated subscription support for billing by offering detailed customization options for unique billing formats and tracking milestones, schedules, and upcoming renewals, to speed the process and eliminate spreadsheets.

Fast revenue recognition with easy click-of-the-button contract modification, templates to simplify the recognition process, and entire transaction history tracking for cleaner audits.

Resource management tools like automated talent and schedule tracking, and routing rules to notify team members of pending actions, placeholder resources for standardized bids, and T&E report notifications that go straight to team member dashboards.

Deep insights using the cloud from your dashboard, featuring customized KPIs and a comprehensive look into the quote-to-cash project cycle, with reporting wizards for financial statements, operational reports, and utilization reports.

Sage Intacct handles your project management accounting from beginning to end and all of the fine, but important details in-between.

We are here to help you find the right solution to bring more zen to streamline the way you do things.

Contact us to learn about the best resources that will help calm the chaos to support productivity and growth.

how service businesses benefit from cloud-based project accounting