SaaS companies, especially during times of rapid growth, can quickly lose control of their financials when they can’t see a solid performance picture from patched together reports and disconnected static financial systems.

They do see mountains of spreadsheet workarounds, aging data, slow reporting, and lack of clarity on subscription model performance. However, that only draws away from time, resources and clear decision-making. Growing SaaS companies need access to the best benchmarking tools available and fast visibility into their key metrics. Beyond GAAP, SaaS business are free to build stronger growth strategies, shed a brighter light on forecasting, and stay on top of growth.

No matter what stage of growth your SaaS company is in, the tools are out there to quickly see into your key metrics in a much easier and cost-effective way. Metrics like churn, customer lifetime value, customer acquisition costs, committed monthly recurring revenue, and various schedules of recurring revenue, – monthly or annually- all need frequent examination.  

When your teams can quickly analyze these sections of data in real-time, your company gains optimal leverage of your place in the market and quickly achieves company goals.

Sage Intacct, a best-in-class cloud-based financial management solution, offers the most important metrics to SaaS companies, updated all in one place, 24/7/365. But more important than real-time access is organized visibility. From Sage Intacct’s Digital Board Book, you can see all of your metrics based on your company or project’s unique needs, and none of the ones you don’t.  You can see as much or as little as you like, with the capability to drill down to the transaction.

The Digital Board Book is completely customizable, with data showcased the way you want to see it. Data conveniently displays in charts, graphs and lists, to get the numbers you need, as fast as possible, fully automated.

Because Sage Intacct integrates with Salesforce, you have access to the most current operational data from your dashboard as well. Whether your company is moving through the Super Early Stage of business or approaching IPO, you can detail your Digital Board Book for what you need now, while feeling confident that you can adjust your metrics to fit your growth.

For better control of your financials, contact us. We want to help you find a solution that will shed light on your most important metrics that will scale with your business.

E-Book: Managing SaaS Metrics Throughout the Company Growth Lifecycle

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managing saas metrics through the company growth lifecycle