Have you used the Excel Copy/Paste function to import journal entries from Excel to Dynamics GP?  Wouldn’t it be great if you could import other types of data (customers, vendors, inventory items, payables, receivables, etc.) from Excel into Dynamics GP with just a push of the button?  You can with eOne Solution’s SmartConnect and SmartConnect Excel Add-in.

The SmartConnect Excel Add-in allows you to kick off an integration to Dynamics GP from within Excel.  Users enter their example maybe your company has a software that manages your employee expenses but doesn’t import into Dynamics GP, however, it will export to Excel.  You could easily import the employee expenses from Excel into Dynamics GP as payable transactions with the push of a button.

The great thing about the Excel Add-in is it allows the average user to import data into GP.  As long as the user can get the data in the defined format then they can import the data.   Imagine being able to increase user productivity and keying errors because users would no longer have to manually key data into Dynamics GP.  Another great thing about the SmartConnect Excel Add-in is that as long as a user has an internet connection and access to the SmartConnect REST service then the Excel Add-in can be used to import data into Excel or Export data.

Not only is the SmartConnect Excel Add-in FREE with each purchase of SmartConnect but there are also FREE templates that you can download from the SmartConnnect download page.  There are no additional purchases required and the Excel Add-in is not based on a per-user charge.  To get the SmartConnect Add-in you’ll need to download it from eOne’s Downloads Page.  You’ll also need to have your SmartConnect login and the connection/credentials for your company’s SmartConnect REST Service.  You’ll need to have Excel 2010 or newer.
For more information about the SmartConnect Excel Add-in or for a free demo contact us today!