Intacct Collaborate can help a company that suffers from any of the problems in the following common scenarios: 

  • An upset customer asks his sales rep to get an invoice corrected because it does not reflect the terms they agreed. The sales rep then has to dig up all the emails that show the finance team approved the terms so the incorrect invoice can be fixed.  
  • A credit and collections person puts a customer on credit hold without realizing there was a problem with the shipping of a big order for that customer. Now all new orders for that customer are incorrectly held up.
  • A frustrated accounts receivable person struggles to reconcile invoices that appear to be short paid because the customer has deducted a discount that does not appear on the order or the invoice.

Fortunately, the days of sales, finance and services teams working on separate systems and using email to keep track of decisions affecting customers and their transactions can be a thing of the past. Situations like those described above can now be avoided.

Intacct, the best-in-class ERP solution, in an effort to remove barriers to fast execution, introduced Intacct Collaborate into its financial system. Intacct Collaborate embeds Salesforce Chatter, the leading enterprise social network, into Intacct to create a secure social layer across all finance processes and across all devices.

The partnership of Intacct Collaborate and Salesforce Chatter means that communications on accounts, projects, orders, invoices, requisitions and more can appear simultaneously in the Salesforce Sales Cloud and in Intacct. This allows the sales, finance and services teams to ask and answer questions, take actions and resolve issues in the system they use daily.  

Intacct Collaborate incorporates many other useful features.

  • With Dashboard snapshots you can create conversations that flag issues or discuss trends.   
  • Collaboration groups can promote communication amongst teams focusing on specific tasks or events such as month-end-close or an audit.
  • Relevant documents that belong to a specific customer or transaction can be uploaded directly into the corresponding conversation.  
  • Individuals can set alerts to receive notifications on tasks or actions and when new comments are posted on followed items.

Intacct Collaborate lets you communicate faster and smarter.  Gone are the days of missing out on important decisions, asking around for a supporting document, having to read endless email chains to understand what is happening with a customer or having your inbox flooded with unwanted emails.

Better communication facilitates teamwork across the entire company and expedites processes and decision-making.  When everyone knows the context, it is much easier to clarify policies, manage exceptions and speed approvals.

Contact us to now to learn more about how Intacct Collaborate can improve communication between your sales, finance and services teams, increasing their productivity and your customers’ satisfaction.