Backup and Disaster Recovery

Keeping your business running with Dean Dorton’s backup and disaster recovery solutions

Backup and disaster recovery, while often lumped together or provided within a single solution, are two very different things. Dean Dorton Technology partners with industry leading players in this space, such as Veeam and Cloudian, along with the traditional cloud storage providers like Azure and AWS. Using these tightly integrated solutions, Dean Dorton can design, implement, and support both a backup and disaster recovery solution for businesses of all sizes from 1 terabyte of data to petabytes of data.

These solutions can be designed to keep your business running throughout any interruption, whether it be accidental data deletion, hardware failure, or natural disaster. We also understand that in today’s environment, a good backup solution is also part of an overall security policy for any business. We know that the best protection against the ever-changing threat of ransomware is a good safe backup.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Partners

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