Automate your ERP with ConnectWise Manage for a fully synchronized and customizable experience.

Tired of manually importing and exporting data from multiple systems?

Professional service companies work hard to provide their customers with the best quality work and productive outcomes. As companies aim to improve their operational functionality and financial management processes, automation is key.

Dean Dorton’s custom-built integrator, mConnect, enables organizations to avoid having to manually extract information between their systems, facilitating an efficient, automated workflow and bringing positive contributions to the project management side of each business. Bridge the gaps in your business by synchronizing data between ConnectWise and your accounting system with real-time insights.

Have ConnectWise but not sure if your current accounting system is a good fit for your organization?

Don’t let functional limitations, cumbersome processes, and lack of financial visibility hinder your organization’s growth. Find out if mConnect works with your ERP system below and take a step towards simpler accounting workflows and more accurate financial data with this unique integration.

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