Dean Dorton is thrilled to announce a new service to help organizations comply with the new lease accounting standards that are complex and time consuming. To assist organizations with their transition to the new standard, Dean Dorton is now providing lease accounting managed services.

Whether an organization has five leases or 5,000, accounting for leases under the new standards involves complex calculations and several new reporting requirements for all public and private companies, and government entities

Dean Dorton will leverage LeaseQuery’s cloud-based platform to simplify the complexities of transitioning to and complying with the new mandatory lease accounting standards, ASC 842, GASB 87 and IFRS 16. The software helps minimize risk, increase efficiency, and unlock key financial insights from leases across organizations.

Through its partnership, Dean Dorton and LeaseQuery will give organizations faster month-end and year-end close processes, savings and insights from lease contracts, and a central repository with audit trails that allow organizations to account for leases timely and accurately. Three of the biggest highlights of partnering with Dean Dorton for lease accounting managed services include:

  • On-demand reporting for your lease portfolio, including calculation and disclosure support
  • On-going portfolio maintenance and updates for contract amendments and/or modifications
  • Expertise and analysis from Dean Dorton’s leading advisors
John Wurtenberger, Assurance Director, Dean Dorton

“Organizations are struggling to implement the new lease accounting standards because of the complexity and implementation deadlines. We recognize the need to make this easy for organizations, both from the initial planning and implementation phases through annual accounting, tracking, and on-going maintenance that needs to be completed. As leading advisors, this managed service offering allows us to provide a best-in-class solution of our lease accounting expertise via a cloud-based platform. This service will empower organizations with the opportunity to access on-demand information that will improve the accuracy and efficiency of critical decision-making as well as any financial reporting requirements they may have.”

To learn more about Dean Dorton’s lease accounting managed services, visit the link below:

Dean Dorton Lease Accounting