Sage Intacct implementations or Dynamics GP implementations can be complicated projects with far-reaching implications for your organization.  Choosing the right software is important, but enlisting the right help to get the system implemented properly and consistent with your goals and requirements is key.

“Dean Dorton did a great job understanding and relating to our business needs,” said Jay Huffman, CFO of Legacy Healthcare.


Before we take on any project, Dean Dorton’s consultative process allows us to carefully determine what a successfully completed project looks like for your organization.  This includes more than software features and functionality.  We examine how the system will be used in the context of your broader business processes and define a plan to get you to point B including system design, conversion, training, integration and support.

Project Management

Dean Dorton employs industry and project management best practices to insure that all project tasks and deliverables are completed according to schedule.  Experience has shown that careful management of communication throughout the project is critical for project success.  We share formal project plans with our clients and communicate project status proactively on each project to insure that the entire project team has full visibility.

Dean Dorton’s Project/Quality Management Intacct’s implementation methodology is a delivery framework of phases, tasks, and milestones throughout the project. There are four key Phases:

Phase I- Plan & Analyze

The overall goal of the Plan & Analyze phase is to define the highest-value approach to implementing the accounting system to meet your needs.

To begin the Plan step, we will meet with you to further understand your goals and expectations as well as the strategic context and intent of the Project.

In parallel, we will jointly review and mutually agree on the detailed Project Plan and milestone dates aligned with your needs. We will also offer software product overview training to your key resources to enable productive participation in the configuration requirements process. The training provides an overall look at the software functions and features being implemented. It covers all functional areas of the application which are considered in scope for the Project.

In the Analyze step of this phase, via interviews and small group workshops, we focus on understanding and documenting your accounting software related product requirements, data migration/conversion, user training and deployment needs. At the end of the phase, we will also provide an updated implementation level of effort estimate reflecting the information gathered. Other key deliverables from this phase include: Conference Room Pilot (walkthrough of configured system), End User Training Plan, Initial Customer and Vendor Data Upload Approach and Deployment Approach. At the end of Phase I, Dean Dorton may document a more detailed Statement of Work with revised estimates. We will not proceed to Phase II without your approval of a new statement of work, if changes to the original Project scope have been made.

Phase II- Design & Configure

In the Design & Configure phase, we enable your new business capability by configuring the product setup, performing data conversion and report formats per your requirements. We also work jointly with you to perform the initial customer and vendor data upload into the new accounting system. The key deliverable from this phase is a configured accounting software system loaded with your customer and vendor data and ready for the next phase.

Phase III- Test & Train

In the Test and Train phase, we test your new accounting system and train your key resources on their new business capabilities. This includes Dean Dorton performing high-level product testing of your implementation to ensure it functions as intended. We then train your end users on the configured system loaded with your customer and vendor data to ensure they are proficient. Additionally, this training approach engages your key resources to document their own specific business process methods and procedures for use when the system is deployed and enable them to train additional users (train the trainer). After being trained, your users will also perform their own User Acceptance Test (UAT) to ensure the system is ready for ‘go live’ in the production environment. The key deliverables from this phase include proficient end users and a configured and user-accepted accounting system ready for deployment.

Phase IV- Deploy

The Deploy phase includes all planning and production readiness activities leading up to and including the final system ‘go live’ deployment to the end users and transition of the application management responsibilities to the ongoing support unit (power user). The key deliverable from this phase is a successful deployment of your accounting system in the production environment.

Phase V- Ongoing Support

Shortly after going live we will transition you to support and schedule an official transition meeting. At the meeting we will work with the support team to communicate the setup and configuration in use and explain how to contact the technical support team and obtain assistance.

Dean Dorton is also available to assist you with other future project-based work such as module enhancements, additional training, new module implementations, system customization, and system integration and report writing to meet your changing needs.

Lastly, through our Dean Dorton account management process, we will continue to communicate with you about the new releases and the new features that can be utilized by leveraging the most current version of the software.