The first half of 2017 will bring the new integration with Intacct to end-users. The new integration will streamline the flow of data between both systems and allow better customization and an improved user experience.retailIntegration[1].png

Here are some of the highlights of the Intacct Advanced CRM Integration:

* The integration will now be a single, managed package that can be updated by Intacct. The package will cover all of the integration points in one package (Contracts, Order Entry, and Projects).
* A simplified setup workflow with clearer configuration options to help you get started quickly and easily.
* User management is now performed with an OAuth authentication workflow instead of manually setting user keys and custom fields.
* A new Lightning UI certified interface
* True multi-channel support for contract creation and management from within your Salesforce organization. This includes the ability for your sales team to get financial insight into their sales activity.
* Sync jobs are now real-time instead of relying on nightly batches or manually sync events.
* The integration will now be able to sync contacts and selectively sync accounts.
* User-defined field setup has a new interface, allowing you to more easily define how fields are mapped between Salesforce and Intacct. This also includes different field mappings on each transaction definition.

Click here for a demo.