Improve Customer Satisfaction with Intacct and Salesforce Integration.

Growth, the goal of all organizations—big or small—comes with growing pains. More sales mean more customers, more contracts, more projects, more transactions, and more inquiries. Each new customer or prospect brings an increased need for communication and information exchange between finance and sales.

Why do more customers mean more finance involvement?

Well, for starters, typically the sales team doesn’t have access to the system finance lives in. So, they rely on emails, phone calls or text messages to learn about the status of an order, the balance of an invoice, the aging status of a customer account, etc.
There are also those situations where sales and finance need to discuss and handle exceptions. Like when an account manager requests approval for a bigger discount or needs the approval to offer extended payment terms to a customer to close a big deal.

This means that organizations where sales and finance are not aligned, face productivity issues that seriously affect customer satisfaction. What can be done about this? Intacct has a solution for its customers.

Many growing organizations use the Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to manage all aspects of the sales process. To help its customers overcome the challenges that come with growth, Intacct has partnered with Salesforce to integrate these two best-in-class solutions.

With this integration, Intacct customers gain a single source of truth across finance and sales, streamline their quote-to-cash process, and stay on the leading edge with a best-in-class combination of Intacct and Salesforce (1).

Improved quote-to-cash with the built-in connectivity of Intacct and Salesforce

Intacct and Salesforce are connected and talking to each other, so there is a seamless exchange of information between the two systems. They act like two halves of the same orange. For instance, a customer created in Salesforce CRM is automatically created in Intacct without rekeying all the data. And then, when an order is entered in Sales Cloud, the corresponding finance processes such as billing, revenue recognition, and project accounting are kicked off in Intacct. This, of course, means that all the customer and order data moves seamlessly from CRM into the financial process.

Data flows in both directions. This means the sales team has a 360-degree view of the customer—past and current—including the aging of invoices, credit limits, balances, and price lists.

Intacct Collaborate, the Salesforce Chatter embedded in Intacct

The integration with Salesforce includes Intacct Collaborate. A solution that streamlines those non-transaction related communications between sales and finance—those that are typically conducted by email and are very difficult to track.

Intacct Collaborate is the Salesforce Chatter functionality embedded in Intacct. With it, sales and finance discuss and exchange information at the customer or the transaction level without leaving the system they use every day. No more searching for a saved email, the conversation is kept with the quotation or the order or the invoice so it can easily be seen the next time a question needs answering.

The result is your finance and sales teams working together more efficiently.

And with all approvals and supporting data in one place you are audit-ready!

Key benefits of the integration

The integration of Intacct with Salesforce saves time and reduces errors, increases the visibility of the sales team over the customer accounts, and increases the productivity of the finance team by reducing the need to answer inquiries from sales and from auditors.

Contact us so we can tell you more about how Intacct’s integration with Salesforce help your growing organization improve productivity and customer satisfaction by aligning sales and finance processes, data and people.