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Paycheck Protection Program loan forgiveness: Help wanted?

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Paycheck Protection Program loan forgiveness: Help wanted?

By: Dean Dorton | June 15, 2020

Deciphering the application is hard, and calculating the appropriate forgiveness for your company based on the ever-changing guidance is harder. Let us help!

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Dean Dorton is excited to announce we are now offering PPP loan forgiveness application and calculation assistance to businesses. Our dedicated COVID19 Solutions Team members, who have kept you abreast of all things PPP loan-related, are ready to help.

Each business is unique and deserves to maximize its forgiveness. By working with Dean Dorton’s team of experts, you will know you applied for the maximum forgiveness for your organization and feel confident in the documents you are submitting.

Our team will:

  • Review and help you complete your forgiveness application
  • Assist with forgiveness calculations
  • Review supporting documentation
  • Help answer questions from your lender

For more information on how the coronavirus is impacting businesses across multiple industries, visit our COVID-19 resource page:

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