Using legacy software can be like walking through a minefield. The terrain looks familiar, comfortable, and perhaps even safe—but costly issues often lurk within outdated systems. Some of these latent problems include staffing requirements, support, and maintenance obstacles, cost of time, and decreased productivity. Consider how these challenges can damage your business:

Headcount and Staffing Dilemmas

Legacy software isn’t adapted to today’s fast-paced digital world. It often takes years to become fluent in its use. Because legacy accounting solutions require specialized training and skill sets, hiring and staffing can become an issue. Finding employees who know these systems is difficult, and training new-hires into proficiency is a lengthy process. This often transfers into the need for multiple staff positions in order to operate the software. As headcount rises, your bottom line falls.

Support and Maintenance Obstacles

In addition to the hurdle of operating obsolete software, legacy systems need to be maintained. If your servers go down, your business lurches to a stop. Technicians either need to be called in or kept in-house—both of which are expensive propositions. Even if the system is up and running, you may face frequent service problems as the vendor terminates support for the aging software. All this adds up to a bulging IT budget and a maintenance nightmare.

Cost of Time and Decreased Productivity

Legacy software is notoriously clunky and non-intuitive. It takes time and effort to operate. Glitches, lag-time, and lack of mobility plague its users. Legacy software also doesn’t play well with modern applications, which means little to no automation. Data entry is almost always manual, and therefore, error prone. When employees are forced to spend their time laboring over these time-consuming processes, they can’t focus on strategic activities that boost your productivity. 

Defuse The Legacy Software Minefield By Turning To Dean Dorton

Switching to best-in-class financial management software, such as Sage Intacct can not only help you navigate the minefield of legacy software, it can disarm it completely. Streamline your resources, lower IT costs, improve confidence, and save time as you move from outdated systems and into your future.

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