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6 Ways to Save Time and Boost ROI with Cloud Accounting Software

6 Ways to Save Time and Boost ROI with Cloud Accounting Software

By: Dean Dorton | March 7, 2019

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6 Ways Cloud Financial Management Adds More Time Back to Your Day and Boosts ROI

The clock is ticking, deadlines are looming, and your finance team is stressing. There is so much to do, from month-end closing to revenue recognition to producing reports for the board. If only you had more time… 

Luckily, you have something better extra hours in the day. You have best-in-class cloud financial management software from Sage Intacct so you not only work faster, but with greater accuracy and efficiency, and in a strategic way to help you grow your business. With time-saving cloud accounting technology, you can: 

1. Automate core financial processes. If you have multiple entities, you can consolidate financials with the push of a button, automate currency conversions, and get consolidated financial statements without waiting for month-end. And you increase efficiency at month-end by closing the sub-ledgers that are ready while leaving others open as needed. Other processes are equally efficient, such as subscription billing; revenue recognition; and tracking projects, customers, and vendors.

2. Get automatic updates and quarterly releases that are touch-free for you—no business disruption and no costly upgrade projects. You can also eliminate hardware costs and time-consuming IT management from your cost of ownership.

3. Click on easy, intuitive financial dashboards to get a quick overview of your operational and financial performance, past and present. You can see key metrics from almost any perspective—business driver, entity, product, geography, channel, and more. With dashboards, you’ll never have to manually pull a report from a certain time period again.

4. Enjoy real-time visibility across the finance team. Everyone in your department has easy access to key reports, so you don’t have to waste time getting details from the CFO. And when you have new questions, it’s easy to click your way to a new custom report, dashboard, or visualization. Now it’s simpler than ever to get fast answers and make confident decisions.

5. Eliminate spreadsheets and the agony of manual entry. If your growing company is still relying on QuickBooks, chances are you are using spreadsheets as workarounds for things like tracking customer subscriptions, managing revenue recognition, or generating ad-hoc reports. Soon your staff is bogged down in manual tasks instead of focusing on value-add projects that promote growth. If you’re ready to be free from spreadsheets and other manual processes and focus on business viability, growth, and profitability, you need Sage Intacct.

6. Shrink your chart of accounts with dimensions. Sage Intacct’s dimensions capability offers an entirely new way to track and report on financial and operational data while simplifying your chart of accounts. Instead of building out a complicated, unmanageable set of codes, you only need to set up your primary account codes. And tagging with dimensions, instead of assigning transactions to hard-coded individual accounts, enables you to add business context to your data easily. With this flexible financial foundation, you gain quick access to the insights that speed decision-making and help drive growth.

Save even more time with the pros at Dean Dorton

Transforming your finance department into a time-saving powerhouse of efficiency and automation takes careful planning. The accounting technology experts at Dean Dorton will support you every step of the way, teaching you what you need to know so you can avoid repeating the same issues that cost you valuable time. Don’t wait another second—contact us for a free consultation today!

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