Gary’s Favorite Things About Dean DortonI’ve seen people get married, families form and grow, kids born to graduating from college, people work through good times and bad times, team members grow up and mature. I feel that I have made friends for life.I’ve been lucky to work for an outstanding group of clients. When you are around for a long time, you are able to kind of shape your group of clients. They kept me challenged and on my toes.I’ve been lucky to work at a well-respected accounting firm that actually put up with me.I like the 0.9mm lead Pentels. The only ones that I can use without breaking the lead every time I write. You know, some of us do still write.I like the meals during tax busy season. You can’t beat the price.I liked drinking the green tea, until Cathy informed me that it was not green tea but rather Kroger decaffeinated tea in a green box! For a whole year I thought I was drinking healthy!A calculator that is actually on your computer. Go figure. That frees up a lot of desk space.All the high-tech computer stuff. Daniel Gray and the IT guys worked hard to keep me from screwing up my laptop, Xen, and all that type stuff.All the “sports events” during tax season. Keith, if we ever meet in miniature basketball again I am not going to feel so sorry for you because I’m going to kick your you know what!Being able to ask Mike Harbold over and over again if the Corporate LLET is deductible on the KY return.Trying to keep up with Faith on the Game of Thrones news.Girl Scout cookies. I don’t want to calculate how many pounds that added over the years. But we have to support the kids, right?