Starsky and Hutch? Timone and Pumbaa? The Golden Girls?  What do all of these friendships have in common? They were epic and powerful for many people throughout the world. Massey Consulting and CPA firms have the same relationship that provides memorable results for companies that want to scale and grow by empowering their accounting department.

CPA Firms and Massey Consulting
The best partnerships lead to “epic” results for all involved.  When Massey Consulting partners with a CPA firm the priority is a great experience for the client as well as being mutually beneficial for both the CPA firm and Massey Consulting.

The benefits for the customers were the priority in creating these partnerships.  However since then there have been additional bonus benefits. One of those bonus benefits was hosting local area events (complete with CPE credit) on leading regulation changes that impact businesses.

The Massey Consulting and CPA firms have hosted events where the ultimate goal is the ensure people are getting the correct information and understand the impact they have on their business.

Massey Consulting also spends time throughout the year bringing new information and presentations to the CPA firms’ teams. The presentations bring important information about updates on ERP solutions, trends that are upcoming in accounting technology, and how Massey Consulting can help them help their clients.
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