Dean Dorton Allen Ford, PLLC (Dean Dorton), one of the largest certified public accounting and business advisory firms in the Southeast, is keeping businesses afloat throughout the pandemic and beyond with their state-of-the-art accounting and financial outsourcing services.

Going further, faster is the goal, allowing businesses to automate their core financials and most important processes, mitigating turnover in accounting staff, ambiguous financials, inefficient processes, and constantly outgrowing systems resulting in technology upgrade costs. Through these new technological advancements, Dean Dorton offers assistance in:

Basic transaction processing
• Accounts payable, employee expense reports, billing and receivables, payroll, deposits, bank reconciliations, and other accounting processes

Mid-level services
• Controller level resource responsible for working hand-in-hand with your staff, managing bills to be paid and invoices to be collected, project accounting, time and expense management, contract revenue management, contract and subscription billing, and sales and use tax

Outsourced CFO services
• Interpret financial information, profitability analysis, budgeting, cash flow forecasts, business planning, banking relationships, and adapting business processes to changes in the business

This innovative approach – offering outsourcing services to companies that don’t want the distraction or costs of running an accounting department, as well as offering selection, design, and implementation services for companies with established finance departments – is expected to significantly accelerate client’s growth and enable them to fully utilize real-time financial data online from their office or on-the-go via an app.

Private companies and nonprofit organizations can benefit from the web-based dashboards, reporting, and business intelligence capabilities built into the accounting software system. The system provides a powerful set of analytics and reporting tools that empower users with real-time, accurate, and consistent visibility into financial and operational data. The ability to run financial reports by dimensions, such as customer, vendor, project or fund is particularly important to their clients. The capabilities are endless and are easily customized to each client, providing a scalable solution for companies, from small businesses to public companies and multi-national organizations.

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