Accounting and Financial Outsourcing

Dean Dorton’s Accounting and Financial Outsourcing Expertise

Dean Dorton offers accounting and financial outsourcing services that are the best-in-class. From chaos to insights – the fusion of collaborative technology, outsourced accounting, and financial solutions is here. Chief Executives and financial managers are working to expand their businesses and improve profitability but are frustrated with spending too much time focusing on turnover in accounting staff, untimely or ambiguous financial information, too much time and resources spent on accounting transactions, and constantly outgrowing accounting systems.

Outsourcing your accounting and financial functions will give you time to focus on what is important to your success: marketing, customers, strategy, employee performance, innovation, and other critical core business processes. For an affordable and fixed monthly fee, you can have the confidence that an experienced professional is overseeing, protecting, and improving the financial side of operations. You no longer have to worry about accounting personnel resigning or going on extended leave.

Your financial system should act like a navigation system for your business. It should help you know where you are, where you are going, and when you will get there. Through a next-generation cloud-based system, key business information is available to you anytime, anywhere. You will have improved visibility into an organization’s performance via real-time dashboards and timely monthly financial packages, giving you a better understanding of the financial side of the business with fewer surprises and greater control of cash flow.

Dean Dorton’s Accounting and Financial Outsourcing Services

We provide accounting and financial services in a cost-effective and scalable way by augmenting your current team or by acting as your entire accounting department — for a predictable and affordable fixed monthly fee.

  • Design and Implementation: Leveraging cloud-based accounting solutions integrated with other key business applications to reduce time and costs involved in accounting operations.
  • Backoffice Accounting: We handle the work using standardized paperless processes for accounts payable, employee expense reports, billing and receivables, payroll, deposits, bank reconciliations and other accounting processes.
  • Real-Time Financial Reporting: Access to your financial information via any internet connection including dashboards, account reconciliations and timely monthly financial reporting with variances to budget and prior year results.
  • Outsourced CFO: Interpret financial information, profitability analysis, budgeting, cash flow forecasts, business planning, banking relationships, and adapting business processes to changes in the business.

Why Choose Dean Dorton

  • Innovative business thinking with a fresh perspective
  • Attention to detail
  • Commitment to accurate, quality and timely services
  • Focused on helping each client succeed
  • Nationally recognized experts who work personally with each client