The Carolina Hurricanes, based in Raleigh, North Carolina, compete in the Eastern Conference of the National Hockey League (NHL). The Hurricanes are owned by a parent entity, Hurricanes Holdings, LLC, that also operates the PNC Arena, a merchandising store, food and beverage services, and more.

Dashboards, multi-entity reporting, dimensions, and better financial reporting were key selling points when the Hurricanes were looking at new ERP solution options. Dean Dorton worked with them to replace Sage Platinum (an unsupported product line) with cloud-based Sage Intacct, which provided greater flexibility for reporting, dashboards for real-time data, and a paperless office environment.

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The Challenge

Financial reporting and flexibility within the system were huge “must-have” items for the Carolina Hurricanes. They were struggling with Platinum due to the lack of a reliable reporting package that could produce real-time reports. The Arena reporting was especially cumbersome: they had no way to break out the event-based reporting (concerts, sports, wrestling, motorsports, etc.), which meant creating them manually after every single event.

The Solution

By switching to Sage lntacct, the Hurricanes gained a flexible, cloud-based system that allows them to slice and dice data to see the financial performance of the various revenue streams associated with a single event. The dashboards allow them to disseminate information quickly and effortlessly.

Shaun Nicholson, Director of Finance, Carolina Hurricanes

The Hurricanes accounting team appreciates the time savings Dean Dorton and Sage Intacct have provided them through the automation of financial reports for each event, as well as the dashboards that allow everyone easy access to financial numbers without the accounting department having to spend time putting together paper reports. Sage Intacct has also allowed them to expand their financial reporting on the types of events each season such as hockey games, concerts, basketball games, family events, etc. This gives insight into what each event truly costs and how much it costs to switch between different types of events.

Results with Sage Intacct

Moving to Sage Intacct also gave the Hurricanes an easier to use User Interface (UI), which has been one of the best benefits for their team. The simplicity and intuitiveness of the UI has allowed for a less painful transition for system users. And, the Sage Intacct UI made it easy to train new employees.

The Hurricanes now enjoy a deeper analytical capability with their Sage Intacct solution. The dimensions within Sage Intacct allow the accounting team to track and report on financial data while simplifying their chart of accounts.

The Hurricanes now have a flexible foundation giving them quick access to the financial insights that help with speedy decisionmaking to drive growth. “I anticipate many more improvements organizationally as we continue to build out Sage Intacct. I foresee drastic improvements as we get the purchasing module in place before the next hockey season,” said Nicholson.

Shaun Nicholson, Director of Finance, Carolina Hurricanes

Why Dean Dorton?

Dean Dorton was able to meet all of the Hurricanes’ expectations during the discovery and implementation process.

The expectations were set high by the Hurricanes: they wanted a consulting firm that would understand their needs, have a vast understanding of the solution they would be purchasing, and a consulting team that could do the implementation correctly.

“We were overdue for an upgrade to our accounting system and needed to redesign our chart of accounts,” said the team’s CFO. “Sage Intacct has made a world of difference by allowing us to account for and report in a meaningful way for our unique business needs. In addition, the system has provided for a number of efficiencies for all our users- my favorite- drill-down capability from almost anywhere you are within the system, which is extremely powerful and something we did not have in our prior system.”

Shaun Nicholson, Director of Finance, Carolina Hurricanes

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