It’s a new era in accounting and finance for horse farms and equine operations. The cloud has created better financial management options for all types of industries, and cloud accounting software from Sage Intacct is ideal for farms, offering specific insights to monitor the performance of equine operations across multiple locations. In addition, cloud-connected systems—from expense management to payables—simplify business processes so employees can be productive. And cloud technology offers a scalable, reliable, secure, and cost-efficient platform on which to grow the business.

Here are just three reasons why equine managers and owners are moving their financials to the cloud:

1) High availability. The phrase always on applies to the equine industry. It’s a round-the-clock business, and today’s cloud financial management systems offer that anytime-anywhere access to data and systems that you and your employees need to get the job done. What’s more, automated backup and disaster recovery mean your farm will have less downtime and disruption. And as your business grows, Sage Intacct’s cloud-based architecture gives you a robust platform to branch out into new regions and activities quickly and easily.

2) Better reporting. The ability to track costs and profitability for each and every horse throughout their lifetime is essential for effective financial management of horse farms. Sage Intacct’s revolutionary general ledger design moves away from outdated account segments to dimension values, allowing simplified, accurate tracking of performance across business drivers, from individual horses to farms, funds, or any other entity. And regardless of the business complexity and geographic dispersion of your farm operations, Sage Intacct delivers immediate and accurate financial reports. Real-time, roll-up reporting gives you instant visibility into your operations from the consolidated and local perspective.

3) Lower cost and greater ROI. By eliminating upfront capital expenditures such as hardware and providing easier implementation, cloud financials offer a lower cost of entry than on-premises solutions. Ongoing costs are much lower, too, because you don’t have the burden of hardware and software maintenance and upgrades—nor do you have to pay a dedicated IT staff to manage it all. The cloud provider assumes all the responsibility of IT infrastructure maintenance, upgrades, security, and more. A lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and a higher ROI mean more resources to invest back into your business.

Dean Dorton: Your partner for the new age of horse farm and equine operations

At Dean Dorton, we share your passion for the equine industry, and we understand the business of the horse–not just its accounting and tax rules. We also have the expertise to help you put the power of cloud financial management software to work for your unique business.

Case Study: Stonestreet Farm