CFOs of Associations and other Member-focused organizations are tasked with providing accurate financials and up-to-the-minute reporting to help their organization best serve its members and manage member benefits such as publications, events, as well as processing member dues and purchases.

Information needed for reporting scattered among multiple systems?

It is not unusual for an association to have multiple software solutions in place to service various aspect of the organization: membership management software, accounting software, e-stores, fundraising – to name just a few.

Typically the more solutions in place, the more work for the financial accounting team: more data collection, rekeying of data, and manual reporting.

Cloud-based solutions working together to bring you the information you need – automatically!

One of the reasons we are so bullish on cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service). Cloud-based solutions are designed to be more open and more easily integrated and interfaced with other cloud-based solutions.

A cloud platform makes it possible to join powerful solutions like Intacct and MemberNation to make exchange of information from one solution to another automatic for easier financial reporting.

Massey Consulting Integrates MemberNation with Intacct ERP Financial Accounting for Associations

Massey Consulting has successfully integrated the popular membership management software MemberNation with Intacct to help our association clients streamline and automate their financials.

With our integration new information entered into MemberNation is brought over to Intacct. For each new journal entry, a transaction is built for Intacct using associated line items. Once all of the lines are processed, the entry is posted into Intacct.

The information brought over from MemberNation into Intacct includes:

• Standard details such as the date, accounts, amounts, etc.
• The memo for each entry populates from the description (which contains the order number)
• The name of the entry becomes the reference number
• Entity/Location (based on a formula using GL account)
• And more

The more numerous your membership, the more valuable this streamlining becomes – leaving you free to focus on analysis of data rather than data gathering.

MemberNation Key Features

• Capture and view all member interactions on a single screen
• Monitor member engagement and quickly identify at risk members
• Staff and member access from anywhere on any Internet connected device
• Built 100% on Salesforce – the most innovative platform in the world

Intacct Key Features

• Robust financial functionality endorsed by the AICPA
• Flexible, dimensional reporting for your association
• Powerful dashboard that incorporate both financial information in Intacct and member information from MemberNation
• On average Intacct customers enjoy a return on investment of over 250% with an average payback period of under six months.
• Intacct ‘Buy with Confidence’ guarantee promises 99.8% system availability, robust disaster recovery, and rapid support response time.

Massey Consulting works with association clients to implement Intacct – the best-in-class cloud ERP solution, the only one the AICPA acknowledges as the preferred provider of financial applications. Intacct brings our association clients the functional depth to automate complex processes and deliver the insights your organization needs.

Massey Consulting works with you to ensure that you get the utmost from the powerful solutions you have invested in.