As an Intacct user or prospect, you already know the value of Intacct’s cloud based ERP solution.  Intacct’s dimensions, custom fields, multi-entity capabilities and much more make it a truly amazing accounting solution.  But your company doesn’t operate in a vacuum and you have other software solutions that you must run for CRM, operations, budgeting and other processes.  So how do you make those tools work with Intacct?  Meet the Scribe Online Intacct Connector!

Why spend weeks and weeks of unnecessary time creating custom code integrating to Intacct’s API when you can plug and play Scribe online and get the job done in hours?!!  Your resources are precious, don’t waste them!
The Scribe Online Intacct Connector has a number of benefits over traditional API custom integrations.  Let’s examine seven of those benefits now.

No Code Required – Scribe Online lets you create and configure your Intacct integrations without writing any code. The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to define the workflow and field mapping of your integration without needing to know a programming language or redeploying custom software.

Industry Leader – Scribe is an industry leader in middleware applications. Their expertise in creating and maintaining middleware integrations has helped them build Scribe Online to be in the cloud and for the cloud.

Ready to Connect – Scribe and their partners provide readily available connections to other cloud and on-premise products, preventing the need to design and implement your own integration for every product you want connected to Intacct.

Make Your Own Mapping – The Scribe Online interface lets you pick and choose which fields are carried between Intacct and your other systems. Need to change which fields are integrated later? You can make changes on the fly to how your data is used. Custom fields created in Intacct are also available for use on many of the objects, letting you store non-standard information for later.

Transform Your Data – Functions for manipulating your information are included in Scribe Online, enabling you to perform calculations, change date formats, combine values, and more.

Combine Destinations – Unlike other prebuilt integrations, Scribe Online can write to multiple destinations, letting you build a workflow the routes data where you need it to go using filters that you design. Depending on the result, the source application can also be updated with additional info.

Interactive Testing – The debugging function in Scribe Online lets you interactively test changes to your data mappings as you build them. This lets you get feedback from Intacct and fine tune your integration as you build it.

Are you curious about Scribe Online and how it can ease your Intacct integration problems and help you have a truly connected organization?  Review our Scribe information page and contact us today for more information!