The Lexington Clinic is Central Kentucky’s largest medical group, with over 180 providers working in 30+ specialties and 1,000 staff members across 25 locations. It has been serving patients for over a century. Heather Clemmons, Sr. Director of Accounting, has worked at the Lexington Clinic for 31 years. And, until recently, the clinic’s accounting software had been around since before Heather even started.

Dean Dorton spoke with Heather to understand the challenges the Lexington Clinic faced and the top benefits they now see after switching to Sage Intacct.

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First installed in the late 1980s, the clinic’s old accounting technology had long exceeded its expiration date. A sizable organization like the Lexington Clinic requires high-level accounting characterized by accuracy, efficiency, and scalability. That’s not what their three-decades-old accounting software could offer.

Running reports and turning accounting into a paper-bound process driven by printing, mailing, and storing documents was tedious. As the Lexington Clinic grew and its accounting requirements evolved, the old software failed to keep up. Not only was it creating as many problems for the accounting team as it solved; but the clinic also had to hire a full-time programmer to keep the software up and running.

The need for better software was obvious, but inertia made change difficult – until the developer of their old software suspended support. They were forced to make a change and do so relatively quickly. It could have become an anxious situation followed by a frantic search for a replacement. Worse, it could have resulted in the wrong new accounting software. But thanks to Sage Inacct, none of that happened.

The Solution

Dean Dorton conducted a comprehensive discovery process to understand how the accounting team worked and what capabilities they required. Accounting technology experts determined that the Sage Intacct financial management platform could not just replace Lexington Clinic’s outgoing software but drastically upgrade their current and future accounting functions.

In addition to implementing and introducing Sage Intacct, Dean Dorton integrated it with a new solution to automate accounts payable. Along with technological upgrades, Dean Dorton helped the entire Lexington Clinic organization make the most of Sage Intacct from day one.

Results with Sage Intacct

The Lexington Clinic has gained a multitude of benefits since implementing Sage Intacct. The cloud-based solution can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, and allows real-time insight into business financials so the organization can spend more time on strategic activities and its goal of updating and streamlining its processes.

“Dean Dorton is knowledgeable and supportive…they’re willing to understand problems and tailor solutions.”

— Heather Clemmons, Sr. Director of Accounting at the Lexington Clinic

Sage Intacct helps the accounting department at the Lexington Clinic shrink its footprint while expanding its impact. Automation and efficiency helped reduce labor costs and cut the month-end close time nearly in half. Additionally, equipping managers with self-service reporting capabilities plus the ability to drill down into the information enhanced their financial intelligence during decision-making. Finally, working with a cloud-based solution enabled Heather’s team to shift to remote work when the pandemic started, and later adopt a hybrid work model.