Get It Right, Get It Done: 4 Ways Outsourced Accounting Benefits Your Business

You know the advantages that financial management software brings to your business. Manual processes and outdated reports have gone the way of the dinosaur (unless you think Jurassic Park is real). Your accounting department has never run more smoothly.

However, your finance team may still be spending more time on routine tasks and less on your business’s core functions than you’d like. As your business grows and changes, your accounting functions need to grow and change, too. Outsourced accounting services take care of the day-to-day jobs and provide an adaptable, scalable platform to meet your company’s evolving finance needs.

Consider the following advantages of outsourced accounting services:

1. Enjoy the benefits of the latest financial management software. Your accounting services provider uses the most up-to-date financial management software, such as cloud-based Sage Intacct, so you can be sure your accounting processes are efficient and that you get real-time insights into your growing business. What’s more, the software is flexible and robust to handle your company’s changing needs, including revenue recognition, project accounting, subscription billing, and more.

2. Save on processing time. Why waste valuable human resources on mundane processes like reconciliations, closings, and cash management when you can assign your team to more value-added projects? For example, your finance department could analyze the feasibility of adding a new product line, location, or business model such as subscriptions. Plus you can save on operational costs and channel those funds toward more critical business functions.

3. Help ensure taxes are accurate. Incorrect numbers can create inaccurate tax filings. The result? Penalties and audits you’d rather avoid. Outsourcing accounting services to the pros help ensure accuracy at every level—from transactions to reports—so you can face tax season with confidence, not trepidation.

4. Take advantage of industry experts. Providers of outsourced accounting services use experienced professionals to handle your finances. You can learn the latest tips and get expert advice as your company grows and your accounting needs become more sophisticated. From accounts payable to monthly closing to board and investor financial reporting, you have professionals backing you every step of the way.

With a new year comes an opportunity to do your finance a new way, a better way. That’s why Massey Consulting is proud to announce its merger with Dean Dorton, a top accounting firm, effective January 1, 2019. Now our clients can take advantage of the latest financial management software and free up their accounting team to focus on what’s important—growing the business into 2019 and beyond.

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