In the past, accounting was just a box you had to check, but lately, the bar has been raised.

Over the past few decades, companies have become more and more competitive with their accounting and finance capabilities. Some companies leverage their financial fitness and accounting innovation to outmaneuver their competitors. For others, though, inefficient or error-prone accounting processes are a liability that holds the company back. Simply stated, it has never been more important to excel at accounting, especially for companies with ambitions to grow or pivot.

Accounting Excellence Easier Said Than Done

Many companies will make a few improvements or additions to their accounting department and assume they are fully equipped for years to come when, in fact, they need to level-up their speed, scale, or skills much more drastically than they realize. Successful companies don’t excel at accounting because they put a few pieces in place on one occasion – they excel because they are always putting new pieces in place.

The first hurdle is anticipating what strengths the accounting department needs to develop in the years to come. The second, much larger hurdle is developing those strengths given the time, budget, and skill set of the current department. Every accounting team would like to have new capabilities and competencies added to their repertoire automatically, but very few have that luxury. 

Sage Intacct users are the exception.

Pushing the Envelope Every Single Quarter

Software updates are nothing special – every vendor releases new features and fixes. Sage Intacct, a leading financial management platform, does things differently in two important ways.

  1. The developers behind Sage Intacct release an update every quarter without fail. Users can expect the platform to expand, improve, and evolve four times every year (more frequently than most competitors).
  2. Each update adds significant new tools, enhances upon what was already there, and incorporates feedback directly from users.

Sage Intacct is the rare vendor that has proven, quarter after quarter, their commitment to making major improvements with each update.

Take the last update, 2023 Release 1, for example. It came with updated company and administration tools, it added AP automation, simplified managing accounts payable and accounts receivable, and so much more. With this and each update, the developers strive to make Sage Intacct a stronger, smarter, simpler solution overall while also making it more accomplished at industry-specific accounting obligations (from construction payments to multi-entity management).

Each Sage Intacct update installs automatically with little to no setup required. So, once every quarter, accountants sit down at their desks to discover better software than they had the day before. And when the accounting software is always improving, so is the accounting team – just one more way that Sage Intacct helps users turn accounting into a strategic asset and competitive advantage. 

Ready to put your own accounting department on an upward trajectory? Contact the Sage Intacct specialists at Dean Dorton for a demo.