Microsoft Dynamics GP users may think they are doing fine with their current system, but with another software update around the corner, now is the time to weigh the risks involved in hanging onto outdated software.

So what might the future look like if you stay with an on-premises financial management system and what do the potential risks mean for your growing company?

Time and Expense-Related Risk

Accounting runs a lot of reports and as your company grows, so does reporting and its complexity.  With GP, reports need to be cleaned up, then emailed, and that takes time too. Growing companies face the risk of stagnant growth because with outdated on-premises systems because extra reporting tasks take time away from other growth tasks.  

Resource-Related Risk

While Dynamics GP has Microsoft’s Management Reporter for reporting functions, that add-on is no longer being modified for growth – and hasn’t been since 2016, outside of patch updates. Most important, however, it is difficult to use. Because Dynamics GP requires add-ons for custom fields, multi-entity processes, and many other reporting needs, users spend more money to do necessary reporting jobs than they would with a strong cloud-based system.

Accuracy-Related Risk

Any native reporting direct from GP won’t import directly into Excel, so these reports require re-entry, manual modifying leaving room for growing error margins. Companies that hang onto Microsoft Dynamics GP with manual data management.

Sage Intacct, a best-in-class cloud financial management solution, eliminates the risks that come with outdated and on-premises-based systems.

A True Cloud System:

While Dynamics GP offers cloud hosting, updates and many processes still happen in-house.

Sage Intacct offers a true cloud experience which means:

  • Systems update automatically for every entity, location and computer. No extra effort on your part.
  • Users can access company data from wherever they work.
  • Data is always current, which means accurate reports and inventories, client details and projects. No waiting or manual re-entries.

Streamlined reporting:

  • Sage Intacct Dashboards allow users to customize their unique metrics views, for fast decision-making and strategy.
  • Dimensions, use tags to create a detailed chart of accounts and simplify your accounting.
  • Over 120 reports drill back to the originating transaction for deep examination.
  • Reports transfer directly into excel. Users quickly run and deliver reports in minutes with up-to-date data, without spending countless hours cleaning up a CSV or tab-delimited report as with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Growth-focused Design:

  • Unlike Dynamics GP which requires a consultant or add-on to create custom fields, Sage Intacct offers custom fields already built into the software so users make modifications without consultants or extra expense.  
  • Sage Intacct system integrates with many other cloud software solutions work seamlessly behind the scenes to reduce or even eliminate manual entry and delayed updates.

Rather than an increased workload just to hang onto static, inflexible, on-premises system, consider a better way.

Contact us. We can help your teams work faster and smarter, to take your business further.