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You may be aware of a major and widely publicized cybersecurity breach involving SolarWinds software, which is used by over 300,000 customers, including U.S. government agencies and most of the U.S. Fortune 500 companies. Threat actors, believed to be from Russia, inserted malicious code into SolarWinds software to gain access to confidential information of SolarWind’s customers.

The consequences of being a victim of a cyber-attack can be devastating to all sizes and types of organizations. Because you haven’t been victimized doesn’t mean you won’t be. Even small firms have been victimized by threat actors and have had confidential information accessed or stolen.

All sizes of organizations that have potentially sensitive data should do what they can to protect it from threat actors. Whether your organization has internal personnel with cybersecurity expertise or an outside IT firm with that expertise, you should regularly assess your systems’ security and implement pragmatic security measures based on your organization’s risk appetite.

Dean Dorton’s cybersecurity team can help your organization build a strong, resilient, and cost-effective information security program to reduce the cyber threats you may encounter.

Gui Cozzi
Cybersecurity Practice Leader

This article was originally published in News & Views (Dean Dorton’s quarterly newsletter).

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