With Dimensions, Intacct takes the tedious and makes it simple, yet again. With the Dimensions feature in Intacct, transactions that once required classification coding, can be quickly tagged instead, to save time, effort and headache for end users. This unique way to classify transactions for your chart of accounts allows you to quickly create just the right amount of depth you need in the GL, and to easily develop customizable value filtering for detailed, accurate reporting.

Sign up for our next Intacct Cloud Bytes session on July 20, and learn how to take full advantage of Intacct’s Dimensions feature to gather, sort and organize your data in more efficient and flexible ways. In this web session you’ll learn:

How to keep everything organized by using Dimensions for account coding differentiations in the GL.
Ways of organizing your GL data with drop-down lists, and reporting details with one-click options.
Tracking methods, moving from complicated to simple when it comes to payables, the GL, and revenue management.
Finer points of Dimensions capabilities and value relationship behaviors to fully grasp how to configure the user experience to maximize your benefit from the Dimensions feature.
Everything you need to understand, build, use, and manage your data effectively with Dimensions.

Simplify your chart of accounts and take your general ledger, and your reporting to the next level with Intacct’s innovative classification tool