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Utilizing Practice Performance Review Metrics in athenahealth

By: Dean Dorton | July 6, 2021

Utilize the full power of athenahealth by leveraging the monthly Practice Performance Review Dashboard. This article gives insight on key performance indicators that may lead to accelerated cash, reduced A/R, or improved processes.

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On a monthly basis, athenahealth publishes a Practice Performance Review (PPR) dashboard that details the previous month’s cash collections, accounts receivable (A/R), and other key performance indicators (KPIs). The KPIs are provided as a six-month trend and compared to other peer groups using the athenahealth platform.

The dashboard package, which focuses on more revenue, faster revenue, and less work, is a great insight into your organization’s recent performance, but perhaps more importantly it serves as an opportunity to identify potential improvements across the revenue cycle.

Reviewing your most recent performance report can assist in identifying pockets of opportunity within your revenue cycle that may lead to accelerated cash, reduced A/R, or improved processes.

Key items to review include:

  1. Charge-Entry turnaround time
  2. Hold turnaround time
  3. Manager Hold turnaround time
  4. Client Days in A/R
  5. E/M coding as compared to benchmarks

Dean Dorton Healthcare Solutions has the experience to assist your organization with identifying potential improvement opportunities and potential root causes.

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