Saying “Goodbye!” to A/R headaches and endless appeals may seem hard, but the sooner you work with a professional resource, the more time you will have to spend on keeping up with the day to day demands of running a medical practice.

You know the drill – the longer you go unpaid the harder it is to collect. Your medical practice needs every dollar accounted for to keep running efficiently and effectively.

Dean Dorton Healthcare Solutions empowers our clients in five important ways:

  1. Responsiveness: Once a claim gets older than 60 days for example, by co-sourcing A/R cleanup with the Dean Dorton Healthcare Solutions team, you can focus on the big picture and overall financial and operational goals. Hate dealing with A/R entirely? Our team can be your A/R resource in a variety of capacities.
  2. Reporting: Quality A/R cleanup requires detailed and accurate reporting and coding in order to get claims paid. Our experienced team brings the knowledge from many different backgrounds, specialties, and systems so you know you are getting best-in-class service.
  3. Analyzing: Our team can easily model calculations so you understand what is working with your A/R, what is not working, and where you can maximize benefits.
  4. Forecasting: By identifying what is happening with A/R we can quickly generate forecasts to influence and inform decisions by functional managers, senior management, and board members.
  5. Big picture: Your revenue cycle is about more than just A/R but A/R plays an important role in maximizing your strategic plans that exploit business opportunity and sidestep risks.

To get started, take a look at your medical practice’s current A/R and identify weaknesses. Did you have any of the following happen in the last six to nine months?

  • Have staff turnover
  • Change EMR/PM systems or Clearinghouses
  • Have numerous claim denials
  • Are just generally behind, especially due to COVID-19?

If the answer is yes to any of these, it’s worth your time to explore your options as it relates to A/R and cleanup projects.