We are in the first few months of a new administration in Washington. The new government is promising to change, and supposedly simplify regulations. Any changes in regulations, good or bad, increase the stress level for the finance and accounting department.

With the right cloud-based tools in place, you are completely prepared to handle mandated changes. You are ready for any change, saving you time, reducing your stress and at the same time helping you to be audit-ready.

But first, we have to get through this year’s tax season. Nexonia, a fast growing provider of web and mobile expense reporting, time-tracking, purchasing and payables solutions, and Intacct, the best-in-class cloud ERP, are here to help.

Using Intacct’s powerful integration tools, the team of experts at Nexonia created seamless bridges that connect its six solutions with Intacct ERP. Those solutions are:

Expense Management, a solution that allows users to capture and approve expenses from any device with internet access. It also supports automated credit cards feeds for continuous visibility of all company expenses. With the integration, all expenses transactions can be tagged to any Intacct Dimension and easily transferred to the ERP.

Timesheets, a time recording tool that provides the web and mobile ways for employees to report—and supervisors to approve—time worked on specific tasks or projects.

Time Off, Nexonia’s answer for those organizations that require visibility of all vacation calendars and other paid time off. Employees and supervisors have complete visibility over time off accrued and requested, and all requests for time off can be entered and approved online.

Time Allocation, the automated solution for allocating percentages of staff time to cost centers or projects.

Accounts Payables, a powerful tool that provides a vendor portal where suppliers can upload W-9 forms and other documents. Thanks to its integration with Intacct, suppliers have visibility of their invoices and payments.

Nexonia Purchase Orders is the automated purchase order management solution for the procure-to-pay process. The seamless integration with Intacct allows visibility of items ordered from suppliers, cost, delivery details, and more.

With the integration, the Intacct ERP and the Nexonia solutions increase your productivity all year long and save you time during the tax season.

Interested in learning more about how the Intacct-Nexonia integration and other tips and technics can help you be tax-ready?

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In this webinar, we will share tips to take the stress out of calculating taxes for your organization’s business travel expenses this tax year to help you get organized, take advantage of apps and technology, and increase your tax savviness.

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