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Team Member Spotlight: Jason Miller

Team Member Spotlight: Jason Miller

By: Dean Dorton | November 18, 2016


Jason MillerIndustry Team: Technology Consulting

Years with Dean Dorton: 15

Years in the Higher Education Industry: 20

Favorite memory about Dean Dorton: I love that Dean Dorton is so focused on helping clients solve business problems that it is willing to get into service areas outside of traditional accounting. The firm is always willing to try new things if a team member is passionate and it helps a client.

Biggest firm accomplishment: Becoming the first non-accounting shareholder in the firm’s history

Hobbies: Cooking and mountain biking

Interesting fact: I have zero musical ability. I cannot tell you who is singing a song, the name of a song or any of the lyrics to a song. It drives my wife and daughter nuts!

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