Team Member Spotlight: Bryan Bulkley

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Team Member Spotlight: Bryan Bulkley

By: Dean Dorton | March 14, 2019


Industry: Assurance Services

Years with Dean Dorton: 6

Years in the industry: 8

Biggest firm accomplishment: Completing my first new audit. I was early in my career and still trying to find my footing and understand everything. I got the opportunity to work on a brand new client that had never been audited before, and I built the audit from the ground up with no previous files to help me. It was that experience, with some great teaching along the way, that helped me really understand how to do my job and gave me the confidence and clarity needed to feel like I could lead a team.

Favorite thing about Dean Dorton: My favorite memories revolve around developing relationships with clients. Getting to know our clients across the state of Kentucky and beyond has been great not only for interpersonal relationships, but also for learning. There is never a day at Dean Dorton that I don’t learn something or see a new perspective on an issue. I love going to work every day knowing that I will be smarter about something when I go home later. Getting to know and work with great people at the same time is a great bonus!

Hobbies: Playing guitar and songwriting, going to concerts and movies, and spending time with pets.

Interesting fact: I recently started a band with a good college friend and our goal is to record one original song per month. So far in 2019, we have met our goal and have recorded two songs!

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