In the world of show jumping, accounting can go one of two ways. It can consumer lots of time, create confusion about where money is going, or cause financial turbulence. Alternatively, it can run mostly on autopilot, serve valuable financial insights, and seize opportunities to compete better Everyone would prefer the second scenario, but too many struggle to overcome the first.

The good news is that the difference between accounting that’s inefficient and error-prone versus accounting that’s effortless and advantageous comes down to just one thing: the right accounting software. Once that’s in place, any show jumper, regardless of their experience or objectives, can enjoy more success in and out of the ring.

Without the Right Software

Show jumpers who don’t have the right software in place often rely on several disconnected systems and spreadsheets to store data and track performance. This means lots of time spent hunting down numbers, integrating data, and keeping everything organized and error-free. Manual processes and scattered data sources make financial management a bigger headache and liability than it needs to be.

That said, adding any ole accounting software to the equation doesn’t solve the issues. While there are dozens of financial management tools to choose from, most focus on generalized forms of accounting. And when they offer industry-specific tools, rarely do those tools apply to the equine industry. Show jumpers too often find themselves making do with accounting software that’s adequate at best, resulting in frustrating and frequent accounting issues.

With the Right Software

Accounting software that can handle the eccentricities of the equine industry makes an asset out of what used to be an obstacle. With data in one place and smarter, simpler tools to take advantage of that data, show jumpers gain exciting capabilities so they can focus more on show jumping and less on dollars and cents.

Anyone eager to implement the right software needs a partner to ensure the selection process arrives at the best choice. They also need someone to implement the software and train users—or go a step further and outsource some or all the accounting. Dean Dorton, a Premier Sage Intacct partner, has also been that partner to the equine industry for over 100 years, successfully serving the financial management needs for scores of show jumpers.

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