Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 is set to release in the Summer of 2016 and the feature releases and updates make it more powerful and user-friendly than ever!  We have gathered seven of the most intriguing features here for your review.

First, the official Dynamics GP Roadmap to show where it started and where the product is headed…

And now, for the new features and updates…

  1. The Web Client is now cross-platform compatible!  Gone is Silverlight and introduced is HTML5!!
  2. Project Accounting fields are now available in Purchase Requisition.
  3. Workflow approval conditions can be more tightly monitored and changed.
  4. Credit cards can now be used to pay bills during regular check runs.
  5. Management Reporter Viewer now supports HTTPS for greater security.
  6. “All In One” Document Viewers for inventory and sales.
  7. Power BI Charts can be used on GP Home Pages and Role Centers!

Have questions about any of these features? Once 2016  hits the streets, we will recap each of the seven features above in separate blog articles. Stay Tuned!!

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