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As critical business data is moved to the cloud, it is more important to ensure that the right people have access to the tools they need—while keeping bad actors out. Solutions like multi-factor authentication, zero trust, and automated provisioning/de-provisioning make sure that authorized users have access, and removal of access can happen quickly and efficiently. Dean Dorton Technology has chosen trusted partners like Okta and Duo Security to provide bulletproof user identity management solutions to meet your needs.

We recommend Identity and Access Management solutions like Okta to provide a secure access portal to more than 6,000 cloud applications, like Office 365 or Cisco Webex, all with a single password. The Okta Workforce Identity solution can provide a user-friendly experience for end users, while also allowing IT administrators visibility and management capabilities into applications—both on premises and in the cloud. Our solutions incorporate multifactor authentication (MFA) for the highest level of security—without the hassle of PIN codes and phone calls.

The explosion of mobile and cloud technologies has made the traditional network perimeter less relevant to network security. IT administrators authenticate people using their identities to determine whether each individual user and device is authorized to access business applications. With a zero trust strategy to network security, each user’s level of access is maintained whether they are on or off the corporate network—lessening the attack surface while providing increased levels of visibility.

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